Swifty One Carbon

When I first came across information about the folding Swifty One Carbon, I was well excited, signed up immediately for the email alerts and kept a keen eye on developments. Eventually, in May 2019 details initially appeared and it was a beauty. Full carbon fibre frame and forks, even the foot plate was space-age carbon fibre and an estimated weight of just 6 kg. And it had hydraulic disc brakes front and rear as well. I’m going to have one of these, I said to myself.

However, soon after, the actual price of this amazing scooter appeared, a staggering £2500.00. I was speechless, perhaps I has mis-read. I looked again, still £2500.  Perhaps a misprint, £1500 would have been a more reasonable price. But no, £2500 it was. A price like that for a kick scooter is silly money. Think about it. You could buy no less than 5 Swifty Air scooters, 4 folding Swifty One scooters or 5 Swifty Zero scooters, the latter with change for a few accessories.

Okay you get a really cool scooter for £2500 but what else do you get for your money. The carbon thing is great and saves a whole 2 kg weight on the other scooters in the range. But when you think about it, the alumium framed folding Swifty One costs £600 and weights around 8 kg, you are spending an additional £1900 to save 2 kg of weight. You could lose that weight by giving up chocolate for a couple of months. Yes, you also get disc brakes but I’ve built a few bicycles in my time and £100 would get you a set of those. So, it really seems you are spending an awful lot of cash just for the pleasure of owning a Swifty One with an admittedly impressive looking carbon frame.

I’m sorry, Swifty People out there, if I seem overly critical but come on, £2500 for a kick scooter. Swifty scooters are a premium product and deservedly so, they are a great quality product with plenty of attention to design detail, safety aspects and ride quality. It’s a cool idea the Swifty One Carbon but personally I think this is the wrong way to go, pushing a very expensive product to a wealthy niche market. It you want to get more people out of cars and onto kick scooters, getting prices down might be a better idea.

Havng said all that, I would really, really like a Swifty One Carbon and when Black Friday brought a tempting offer with a reduced price of £1800 I was tempted. At the same time my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year and the Swifty One Carbon came to mind and I’ve been good this year as well, so was almost tempted but not quite.

I like value for money and while owning a Swifty One Carbon would be like having an Aston Martin sitting in the driveway, to myself personally, it just feels over-the-top and unnecessary. Perhaps if the handlebars and mudguards were also carbon fibre and the fitting were titanium I would indeed get the credit card out of my wallet.

P.S. disc brakes on the Swifty Air and Swifty Zero would be a great idea!

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