Tools and Spares

When I first started kick scooting I didn’t give much thought to what I might do should my trusty Swifty scooter breakdown. And to be fair, that’s not really very likely, as there are few moving parts likely to actually fail, at least under normal scooting conditions. The most likely problem might be a puncture or a loose bolt.

For quick rides around my local housing estate I don’t carry any tools or spares, trusting the scooter not to let me down. And should the worst happen, say a puncture, I can simply walk home or even carry the Swifty over a shoulder if need be. For rides further afield, a small tool kit and essential spares is a good idea though.

My tool kit and spares for both my Swifty Zero and Swifty Air is very minimal indeed and includes the following:

  • allen keys as supplied with the scooter.
  • mini pump for pumping up the tyres.
  • puncture repair kit with additional patches.
  • some disposable gloves to keep hands clean.
  • spares inner tube (or two) of the correct size.
  • two tyre levers for removing/installing tyre.
  • fully charged and working mobile phone.
  • hub spanner for removing wheels

Everything, other than the pump, is housed in a small stuff sack. Although I carry a spare inner tube (or two) and a puncture repair kit, they are really just backup insurance as the tyres already have puncture resistance built into them and I’ve also injected the inner tubes with tyre sealant. If choosing a pump make sure you get one that will manage the tyre pressures you are setting your tyres, as not all pumps will manage all pressures. In addition, with the small wheel size used on Swifty scooters, pumps with larger pump-to-valve connectors can be awkward to use, look for one with a smaller size connector.

To best way to avoid mechanical breakdowns is to care for your kick scooter, regularly check everything if working okay and all fixings are secure. Also inspect tyres for thorns, cuts or damage, and replace tyres before they are beyond safe use.

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