Starting Off

To be honest, when I first bought a Swifty scooter it was simply a case of jumping on and scooting away. There was little thought required. However, over the past few months I’ve come to realise that there are a few little tips and tricks to kick scooting that make a difference, all be it only a little difference, unless you are into kick scooter racing.

To start off, your hands should obviously be on the handlebars, gripping in a firm but relaxed manner, not too tight and not too loose, just like Goldielocks would do. Elbows should be slightly bent, body relaxed. Then place one foot on the scooter footplate and another on the ground. Which foot is up to you but you will probably have a stronger leading leg though it doesn’t really matter. Just do what feels comfortable.

Now, swing your kicking foot forward until your foot touches the ground then swing back applying pressure with your toes. Your scooter will surge forward. Then repeat with long easy swings a few times to gain some momentum. Finally, relax and enjoy the ride. Feet can be side by side on the footplate or whatever feels comfortable. Repeat.

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