In the Articles section, I’ll be taking a look at a range of topics relating to kick scooting the Swifty Zero and the Swift Air, from tyres and tubes to tackling different types of terrain, from the wrong trousers to finding places to scoot and whatever else comes to mind.

More Articles coming soon

  • Ankle Guards – protect your ankles from your scooter.
  • Being Seen – hints and tips to being seen and staying safe.
  • Bunny Hop – how to easily jump your Swifty over wayward rabbits.
  • Canal Paths – always extremely flat but not always easy.
  • Changing Feet – how to swap your driving foot while kicking along.
  • Coastal Trails – riding your kick scooter down on the beach.
  • Cycle Paths – plenty of them around and great for scooting.
  • Dawn Patrol – kick scooting in the wee small hours.
  • Fixed or Folding – do I need a fixed or a folding Swifty.
  • Going Downhill – one of the most exciting aspects of scooting.
  • Going Uphill – those dreaded, strength sapping, ever-lasting hills.
  • Golf Courses – not always an easy scoot but always interesting.
  • Luggage Racks – hand-built luggage racks for front and rear.
  • Parks and Gardens – ideal places for your first scoots.
  • Pavement Scoot – some hints & tips for pavement safe scooting.
  • Scoot & Carry – ways to carry your scooter in those awkward situations.
  • Scoot Commute – faster than walking, better than cycling.
  • Scooter Safety – a few useful hints and tips to stay safe.
  • Speeding Up – how to get your Swifty scooter really moving along.
  • Steering Safely – how to use the handlebars effectively and avoid hazards.
  • Support Stand – device to support scooter for photography.
  • Trail Maintenance – some hints and tips for improving the way ahead.
  • Upland Trails – lots of ups, great downs and always an adventure.
  • Urban Trails – using your scooter in town and city.
  • Windy Weather – hits and tips for scooting when the wind blows.
  • Winter Scooting – cold weather need not stop your scooting.

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