In the Articles section, I’ll be taking a look at a range of topics relating to kick scooting and the SwiftyZERO, from tyres and tubes to tackling different types of terrain, from fancy clothing to finding places to scoot and whatever else comes to mind.

More Articles coming soon

  • Being Seen – hints and tips to being seen and staying safe.
  • Clothing to Scoot – nothing to see here, move along.
  • Coastal Trails – riding your kick scooter down on the beach.
  • Custom Racks – hand-built racks project, front and rear.
  • Fixed or Folding – do I need a fixed or a folding Swifty.
  • Footwear to Scoot – anything will do but draw the line at wellies.
  • Getting Started – a simple guide for would-be scooterists.
  • Hints and Tips – some simple ideas that make all the difference.
  • Mini Adventure Scoots – you don’t have to scoot round the world.
  • Mudguards Madness – fed up with dirty legs and mud in your eye?
  • Night Scooting – when darkness falls and the moon if full.
  • Off-road Scooting – no need to stop when the tarmac ends.
  • Routine Maintenance – if you can lift a spanner you can do this.
  • Scoot Commute – faster than walking, better than cycling.
  • Scooter Accessories – some useful bling for your trusty steed.
  • Scooter Safety – a few useful hints and tips to stay safe.
  • Scooting Technique – a foot on the scooter, one on the ground, push.
  • Swifty Electric – 250 watt electric conversion for added go.
  • Tyre Upgrades – fitting chunkier tyres for off-road adventures.
  • Urban Scooting – using your scooter in town and city.
  • Winter Scooting – cold weather need not stop your scooting.
  • Woodland Trails – kick scooting down in the dark forbidding forest.

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